• Development drilling focused in areas of low risk, low cost, high return with maximum reserve upside.
  • Aggressive wellsite and areal installation of compression of resources into existing pipelines

Strategic Plan

Goal: Maximizing proved reserves while minimizing costs. Balance oil and gas reserves in known U.S. onshore producing regions with low operating costs and minimal finding and...

Operating Regions

Mergers and acquisitions focus on areas with underdeveloped, under-funded, and/or under-utilized fields and properties. Rangeford brings years of experience in these geographic and...

Investor Relations

Rangeford Resources: “Transparency-Communication-Governance.” Drilling focused in areas of low risk, low cost, high return with maximum reserve...

Welcome to Rangeford Resources

Rangeford Resources, Inc. is a Texas-based, independent oil & gas company. The Company's business is to explore, develop, produce and acquire oil and natural gas properties currently in the Kansas and Texas areas.

Our goal: Creating shareholder value by consistently and profitably finding and developing conventional oil and gas assets, and redeveloping underexploited “found” hydrocarbons   read more

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